He Looks at the Earth

In this novel-like narrative, key issues of catastrophe preparedness and Supply Chain Resilience are dramatically engaged. What happens when a megathrust and tsunami leaves four million plus people trapped between mountains and ocean?

Geology, network science, supply chains, emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, early Renaissance art, poetry,  bread-making, and more create a complex context for realistic decision-making.

Considering Catastrophe

Mr. Palin approached Still Point Design Studio after the design process with the publisher did not meet his goals. Researching the book’s subject matter: a potential tsunami in the Cascadia region of the U.S., and the subsequent disruptions in the supply chain, I discovered geologists in the 1980’s found evidence of an 18th century tsunami in the Cascadia region’s geologic layers, and had taken a few photos. I found this image a great fit for the cover. I contacted the U.S. Geological Society, who put me in touch with the lead geologist on the original project, now scientist emeritus at University of Washington, who provided the original photograph for the cover.

  • ClientPhilip J Palin
  • ServicesArt Direction, Book Design and Layout
Interior spread book page design text
Interior spread book page design with text and image
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