Book Design

You have a story to tell. We help you make it a reality.

Fine Art & Photography

We work with artists, illustrators, and photographers to create books where the art is center stage. Whether the images stand for themselves, or are accompanied by text, we make sure they are in balance. From high end oversized coffee table books, to smaller art books on a budget, we create a design that elevates your work on the printed page.

Family History, Genealogy, Memoirs

Do you or your family have a story to tell? Publishing your memoirs or family ancestry is a gift that will enrich your lineage for generations. Rather than rely on templates, as some ancestry websites do, we custom design your singular book so that it reflects you, as well as the stories contained therein.


Crafting a fiction book design is a finely detailed process. From the cover to the contents, it must speak the voice of story. The reader experiences both the meaning of the words on the page, and the feel of the text on paper, the margins, the personality of the typography. We design with these in mind, so every aspect of your book is in alignment.

Literary Journals

A challenge of literary journals is striking a balance between text and graphics, and to prevent text overwhelm. A literary journal should be clear, unencumbered, yet rich with content. We love the challenge of designing journals that are inviting, invigorating, and a joy to read.

Workbooks & Guidebooks

An imperative of workbooks and guidebooks is the presentation of clear, easy to understand content. Text, charts, graphics, and exercises must work together for comprehension, and not be too cluttered on the page. The goal is maximum information retention and understanding.


Poetry book design requires a sensibility to the meaning of the words, as well as the sculptural shape on the page. Typography, layout, space, pacing, all are important to create a beautiful book of poetry. Similar to fiction books or art books, poetry book design should mirror and accentuate the voice of the poet.

For Printed Books:
  • Complete custom cover design
  • Custom interior design and layout of book contents, specific to the subject, tone, and goals of your text
  • Typesetting and review of every page in the book
  • Book size, material, and printer recommendations based on your budget and requirements
  • Assist in acquisition of ISBN Number, LCCN, ISBN Barcode
  • Optimizing files for printing
  • Serve as liaison with printer or publisher
  • Review of printing proofs
  • The perfect book is in your hands!
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For eBooks:
  • Complete custom cover design
  • Custom interior design and layout of book contents
  • Review of text display and flow on various eReaders
  • Table of Contents coded for links to chapters and accuracy
  • Optimizing files for uploading to eBook vendors
  • Testing on various eReader formats and sizes
  • Submitting eBook to your selected online platforms for downloading and/or purchase
  • The perfect book is on your screen!
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Tell Us About Your Project!

If you would like a quote for an upcoming book design project, call us at 434-481-1779, email us, or fill out the form below. Include as much information as you can, and we will follow up with any additional questions in order to provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible. If you’re local in Charlottesville, in Virginia, or across the country, we can help make your book a reality!

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