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In business since 2003

A full service graphic design studio in Central Virginia

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Our Approach



In an environment bombarded with images and information, we believe simplicity can communicate more effectively than chaos.



We maintain engagement and openness to both the creative and logistical requirements of any project, approaching design as a puzzle that needs to be solved.



Relationships are key: we make the experience of working with us an exciting, thoughtful, considerate, and transparent one. 



Life comes at us at 100 miles per hour, and can feel overwhelming. We need room to breathe, and we find that room in the margins. We love generous margins and open space so that your message is easier to digest.

Our design philosophy:
Simplicity, Clarity, Relationship.

That includes the relationship with our clients, vendors and also the environment. Still Point Design Studio strives to make the experience of working with us a thoughtful, considerate, friendly, and transparent one. We actively work to be anti-racist, and an ally to people of all skin-colors, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, abilities, and backgrounds.  

We have worked for a variety of  retail, business, educational, and non-profit clients providing graphic design and web design services including: the University of Virginia, James Monroe’s Highland, UVA Press, Virginia Humanities, Community Investment Collaborative, Meals on Wheels, The National Building Museum, The Mind & Life Institute, Market Street Wine Shop, and the Rare Book School.

In addition, we consider our environmental footprint: We strive to conduct business in an ecologically sound manner, using solar energy, choosing recycled and chemical-free materials whenever possible, and reducing waste by recycling, re-using paper matter and limiting the use of plastics and other harmful materials.

Our Services

Our Team

Kristin Adolfson photo nature
Founder / Graphic Designer

When she’s not graphic designing, you can find Kristin working on her small farm and orchard, and cooking with the harvest down in Nelson County.

Christopher Gibson Headshot
Christopher Gibson
Gibson Design Associates: User Interface Designer / Web Developer

Christopher wants you to know that the snuggle is real.

Wendy Hasenkamp Headshot
Wendy Hasenkamp
Asenka Content and Editing

Wendy is an editorial wizard with a PhD in neuroscience. When she’s not thinking/writing/podcasting about the mind/brain you might find her throwing pots or dabbling on the cello (among other things)!

Stephanie Gross
Stephanie Gross Photography

Stephanie is currently in Rwanda for a month, on great photojournalistic adventures.

I have worked with Still Point Design Studio on several projects over several years.  I have always been delighted by the results.  Kristin’s visual value-add to my text has clearly attracted and impacted readers.  My professional identity has been considerably strengthened with her help.  It has been my consistent experience that Kristin asks good questions that help me make better choices.  She is responsive to my questions and concerns, calendar-conscious, and very competent in both digital and traditional publishing.
Philip J Palin
Author and Expert in Supply Chain Resilience
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