The Habit Institute logo design black circle with leaf
Habit Kits

Full product line design and development with The Habit Institute. Habit Kits focus on making healthy habits easier and harmful habits harder, using insights from behavioral science and psychology. These tools are designed to quickly teach the user in a clear, confident way. We designed this suite of Habit Cards that fit into a wallet, complete with elegant packaging design, branding and product shipping design.

Still Point Design Studio also served as Creative Director for promotional videos for the Habit Kit product launch in 2020.

Habit Kits: Building Healthy Habits

All elements of the product design needed to be made from recycled materials, or able to be environmentally-friendly and recyclable, including packaging, and all contents. We are now well versed in environmentally friendly ink and printing options, as well as sticker and tape materials!

  • ClientThe Habit Institute
  • ServicesBranding & Logo Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Brochure Design
  • WebsiteHabit Kits
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