Leaving Facebook and Instagram (this page and email is where you’ll find me)

This is where I’m going to post things in lieu of Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with y’all. This will probably be like a blog (which I never had). However I’m happy to communicate with typewriter, would you like me to send you a letter in the post? I can also make phone calls on occasion. And I still do emails, as I was born in the 70s. Contact me.

If you want to know why I’m leaving Facebook, there are years of articles why, but most recently this, this, this, this, and there’s also so much more than those articles that are most recent. It’s been a long time coming. It’s not an ethical company. I also won’t be using What’sApp, which I have used to communicate with some of my friends in Europe. If you want a better option, I’m on Signal (which has much better privacy protections!).

Send me your email or phone # for calls/text if you want to stay in touch, come to bonfire parties at my place, or invite me to yours. I don’t want to be unconnected – just don’t want to be connected to Facebook. —K