Still Point Design Studio is a full service design studio and workshop in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our websites are 100% completely custom designed to the specifics of your business. We provide WordPress as our publishing platform as it gives us complete design control, flexibility, and is easy to keep current as technology moves forward. In addition, we also provide graphic design services such as logo design, brochure design, poster or stationery design; anything that you may need for printed matter. This includes complete book design, including interior and cover design, assistance with self-publishing and print-on-demand services, and the more technical details of book publishing such as ISBN numbers and barcodes. One of our favorite ways to get off the computer is by binding custom books for clients by hand.

Our design philosophy:  Simplicity. In an environment bombarded with images and information, we believe simplicity can communicate much more effectively than chaos.

Our business philosophy:  Relationships are key. That includes the relationship with our clients, vendors and also the environment. Still Point Design Studio strives to make the experience of working with us a thoughtful, considerate, friendly, and transparent one. In addition, we bring those qualities to our environmental footprint: We strive to conduct business in an ecologically sound manner, using recycled and chemical-free materials whenever possible, and reducing waste by recycling, re-using paper matter and limiting the use of plastics and other harmful materials. Additionally, we try to be energy efficient and maintain a healthy work environment.

The Still Point:  One-pointedness of mind, the center of each moment. We use this as the foundation of our focused and mindful approach to our business; working from the still point in our creative process to create work that is vivid and awake.

Here is what some of our clients are saying:

T&N dropped the brochures off yesterday. Sara looked like she was going to cry when she saw them. She absolutely loved them! –Jason

I just received my proof! I can’t believe it! Thank you for all of your hard work, it looks great!  Yes. I cried. I probably will some more, but it’s not easy to read through tears. –Kim

Kristin, I want you to know how much I appreciate both your aesthetic and process.  Your approach to the work is fully invested.  Not only have I been able to accomplish in weeks what had lagged for over 1 ½ years – but I really like where this is going.  It inspires me to grow what is being accomplished here.

I cannot thank you enough for your help – our online sales are up! Visitor numbers to the house are up, and the boutique is beating our expectations. And the website, which drives all of this – is so much better. Thank you. –Ann

Your delightful and imaginative logo designs make the [Book] Festival stand out and add a fresh, new look each year.

This is to let you know how very much I value your essential contribution to my website. Thanks for your full hearted support at every juncture. –Jude

I was particularly fond of your handmade guest book – one of a kind spectacular! Keep the presses rolling!

You certainly have created a lovely finished product. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had an extremely talented, artistic, and imaginative person as you to create “Soul Dust”. I thank you for bringing this pleasure into my life and into the lives of many others.

My mom said it was “the most beautiful wedding invitation she’d ever seen in her life.” Your rapid response to this short notice requirement was phenomenal. The trifolds look great and the client is pleased with your work. Thanks for a job well done.

The box of stationary got here yesterday, it looks really great thank you thank you, all the pieces from the note card to letter head to envelopes, they look really sharp and exactly as Sean hoped for. Many thx again they look great.

It’s a beautifully designed website. I love the colors. They feel so appropriate in a period way to the craft. Especially those duotone effects. What a super job.

wow they [personalized letterpress notecards] are so beautiful the quality is amazing. i can see your hand in it also. its an original. thank you thank you.

got home and opened the box of inserts [LP inserts] (boy was it heavy). they look absolutely fabulous– really great, and there’s even more detail on them than was in the proof. fan-freakin-tastic. beautiful job as always–